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Speed - Strength - Stamina - Flexibility - Skill

Soccer Fitness & Conditioning

Soccer Performance & Conditioning provide elite training programmes for soccer players and football teams of all ages and abilities throughout the World at our International training centres in the UK and Spain.

"Do you want to experience the best fitness and conditioning methods used at the world's greatest soccer clubs?"
"Do you want to reach the optimum fitness levels required to play at the highest level?"
"Do you want to increase your SPEED, STAMINA, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and SKILL?"
"Do you want to be the fittest, strongest, quickest and most skillful team in your league or division?"

We recognise the requirements of what it takes to perform at the highest level and work on all the major components to be an elite football / soccer player:

• Speed             • Stamina            • Strength             • Flexibility            • Skill

Professional Training Programmes

Our bespoke training programmes are unique and provide the most up to date soccer fitness and conditioning methods used at many of the world’s greatest professional football clubs. We have experience working in the UK, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Greece, France, USA, Canada, Russia, Japan and UAE.

The coaching programmes are conducted by soccer fitness specialist, Gerard Exley, who has spent 15 years working and studying at clubs across the World. He has a broad spectrum of working with elite players to youth players. He holds qualifications in Fitness and Conditioning plus Football / Soccer Coaching.

We offer residential and non-residential training programmes at our International training centres in the UK and Spain where we can provide the following programmes:

• One To One Training               • Squad Training               • Coach Training

Elite Training Facilities

Our facilities consist of state of the art soccer pitches, athletics track, gym, pool, weights area, sauna, treatment room and accommodation.

If you can't attend our elite training facilities then we will travel to your club to conduct our fitness training programmes.

We have links to many professional soccer clubs throughout the world and recommend all players who have the potential to play at the highest level.

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Personal elite One To One training sessions to enable you to reach the fitness levels required to play at the highest standard.
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Elite Squad Training sessions to reach a professional fitness standard to compete at the highest level.
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Expert tuition for Coaches who want their team's fitness and conditioning levels to reach a professional standard.
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